We are in our early years.

Vi?anta Marina was founded in 1999. The owners, hailing from Extremadura, were convinced that Extremadura, and specifically 8 Km. outside M?da, was the perfect location to embark on a new and unique project.

They chose a 200 hectare estate at the foot of the Lamoneda Mountain range where 80 hectares of perfectly conserved Mediterranean woods -comprised of holm oak, cork oak, strawberry madrone, wild olive, rock-rose and a huge variety of shrubs- embellish and brighten the area with their colours and steep the surroundings in aromas.

The mountains, woods, bodega and vineyard make for a truly beautiful setting that does not go unnoticed by our visitors. While the holm and cork oak trees add to the picturesqueness of the area, the 61 hectares of vineyards give it freshness, enveloping the bodega, country house and grange in a simplicity and austerity that is characteristic of Extremadura.

Our experience, expertise and enthusiasm are earning Vi?anta Marina a worldwide reputation for quality wines and securing it a place in the wine market.

Our first wines passed the test of the most chosen consumers before venturing further a field. Vi?anta Marina, like its adventurous ancestors, was destined for export from the outset, crossing oceans and borders to distant lands in search of new opportunities and presenting our Extremaduran wines for the discovery and approval of consumers.

After the long journey from the planting of the vine to harvest, the grape is finally ready and it is time to make the wine.

Nobody invented fermentation. The winemaking process, that is to say, the transformation of grape juice into wine, occurs naturally, but there is no doubt that with the proper knowledge and resources, one can produce good musts that go on to yield delicious
wines with rich colours and aromas.

At Vi?anta Marina, we start by testing the grapes in the field. Harvesting time is determined by the degree of ripeness of the grapes and the type of wine we want to produce.

In our modern bodega we work with lively and resistant yeasts from our vineyards, at high temperatures in the case of red wines.

Long and controlled maceration for red wines, days and days of slow fermentation for white wines, as we strive to produce pretty coloured wines with intense aromas and good structures.

Young red wines are very attractive but unstable, although this does not mean that they are of bad quality. It is essential to age the red wine in wooden casks for some time so that they change, mature and mellow. The wine is mainly aged in French wood, although we also use American oak. The casks are new, clean and fresh and this influences and shapes the personality of our wines. The ageing period will depend on the type of wine we are making, and ranges between 6 months for Equus to 18 months for Miraculus.
Once bottled, Vi?anta Marina wines continue to mature without oxygen. We say the wine is "finished" in the bottle, in the quiet stillness of the wine cellar.

This slow and marvellous process is particularly important for red wine that has a long life after leaving the Vi?anta Marina bodega. However, white wines normally require less rest because youth is part of their attraction.


- 91 points. The Wine Advocate - Robert Parker. USA
- Gold Medal. Shanghai International Wine Challenge. China.
- Three stars in the international tasting for premium wines in the fair PROWEIN 2014 in D?ldorf. Germany
- Gold Medal. International Wine Guide Gilbert&Gaillard. France
- 91 points. "Guia del Vino Cotidiano" wine guide 2014-15. Spain


- 91 points. The Wine Advocate - Robert Parker. USA.
- Grand Gold. International Contest of Wines and Spirits of Spain (CINVE). Spain
- Best aged wine from prior vintages to 2013. AEPEV Awards 2014. Spain


- Grand Gold. International Contest of Wines and Spirits of Spain (CINVE). Spain
- FIJEV Grand Award (International Federation of Wine and Spirits Journalists and Writers). International Contest CINVE. Spain
- Gold Medal and Best Tempranillo of the World. Shanghai International Wine Challenge. China


- Gold Medal. Prestigious International Contest CINVE. Spain
- Best Spanish Wine in the International Wine Challenge Hong Kong.
- Gold Medal. Grand Prix awards from Wino magazine. Poland.


- Gold Medal. Prestigious International Contest CINVE.Spain
- 94 points - Repsol Guide (2012, 2013 & 2014). Best wine from Extremadura. Spain
- 90 points - Internacional Wine Cellar - Stephen Tanzer. USA.


- 98 points - Dancyu Magazine as Best Value for Money - Japan.
- Three stars in the international tasting in the fair PROWEIN 2014 in D?ldorf. Only Spanish wine with this qualification in its category. Germany


- 93 points - Repsol Guide. Spain

A bold choice, a unique collection of varieties for Spain, with no doubt.

We plant a large variety of well known grapes. The grape is the secret to obtaining high quality wines. French varieties that change and adapt to their new habitat, influenced by environmental factors. It is almost impossible to find a standard wine made from these varieties, as the grapes vary from country to country.

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